voicelive touch

the next time i have a spare couple of thousand dollars, i will be buying one of these each for everyone. until then, maybe we could save up and buy one at a time. they're exactly what i've been looking for for a few years now - they were released late last year. don't worry so much about the autotune function, but all the other bits are perfect - reverbs, delays, flangers/choruses, overdrives, filtering, de-essing, compressing, looping etc etc etc.

here's the website... the video is very informative.

and here's a video from everyone's favourite stylophonist giving a very quick rundown...


Mind Booster Noori said...

Drool... WANTS!
Too bad it is so expensive... but since it is all software, I'll just hope that they'll end up doing a software version for Android O:-)

ajebec said...

a quick ebay search shows you can get them from the us for around $400 including postage. still expensive if you've got 5 singers in your band, though!

the other bonus with it is that you can send an instrument through it as well as the voice, so for each member of the band using one, we can also send their instrument through it as well (autoharp, stylophone etc). and things like the sax and melodicas would profit as well.