rehearsal / learning

when shall we rehearse for next friday's gig? do we want to learn another new song before having a set rehearsal (heartbeatings for those with heartbeats)? that would involve 2 more gatherings, though we do have (almost) 2 weeks to fit them in.

i'm free mondays and thursdays, plus this wednesday and this friday. weekends are an option, too, if we can't find a weeknight.


Blake said...

i can do tuesday, saturday, monday, and tuesday night. i don't mind whether we do one or two rehearsals. it might be good to try and get heartbeatings sorted out, but yeah, only if we can configure two rehearsals.

Bec said...

too many days rushing through my head. you just all pick a day and I'll say no. Deal?

Blake said...

monday night it is.