tanya voges

last week, a choreographer named tanya voges contacted me about telafonica doing some collaboration with her. she was put onto us via kiri morecombe at blacktown arts centre, who is organising the show there on november 26, as a possibility of doing something with dance for our performance. so i've had a few brief facebook discussions with tanya since then.

today, tanya asked if we might be interested in doing something musical as part of some performances she is doing at newtown theatre as part of a festival there in november. her performances will be over the weekend of november 18-20. i have to say, i would absolutely love to do something for it - playing in art venues to an audience expecting challenge would be wonderful. and we could then double up whatever we do there at blacktown arts centre as well, so it wouldn't theoretically involve more work to prepare than we would have been doing anyway.

anyway, tanya's website is here - http://tanyavoges.wordpress.com/gallery/ and here's a recent clip (she's currently at bundanon (the house in the southern highlands that boyd family owned that has now become an artist retreat) of some of her work.


Blake said...

yeah, this would be fun. could we just do free-form instrumentals with her performances in november?

ajebec said...

quite possibly, but i think we'd need to know a vague idea of what it's going to sound like beforehand, so that she knows what she's going to be dancing.

we have two 45 minute sets for the blacktown show, so i was thinking maybe one could be a more pop kind of set and the other a more freeform thing, perhaps based around a couple of the tracks we already improvise around anyway.