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i've been thinking over the last few days - we actually have two sites already running that cover things like inform people about gigs, releases etc (myspace) and news/philosophy (this blog). although neither are what you'd call brilliant aesthetic pieces, they actually serve a large part of what people look for on the web at the moment. and they are in places (well, for the moment, the myspace page at least) where people are regularly likely to randomly stumble across it. i don't know that the regular website currently has that kind of exposure. but anyway, my point is, let's just make the telafonica website an artwork, ditch any notion of it being functional in the traditional web sense, and just do whatever we want on it. myspace and blogspot can look after the functionality. if we want to aestheticise those later, we can, but my impression is that the less gloss, the better anyway for those sites, though i do think this blogspot needs something). i'm quite keen to start publicising this blogspot - do you have any objections to me doing so? do you want to work on its appearance at all before that happens? i don't think random passers by are allowed to comment at the moment - can you change that setting (i can't, my admin level is not high enough - you could fix that too if you wanted).

i'm feeling something similar about gem. i think it's a big jump forward, but the song itself feels like it's just the song sung through over a soft section, and then repeated over a loud section. i've already edited down what marcella sang in order to hold of the melodic climaxes until the second part, but i think it can be tightened up more.

i'd like to make it a priority to get marcella out here and record some proper vocals for this is the new thing and requited love (at least). i'd like to start shipping them out to various folk for remixing, but that process in itself is likely to take at least a month or two, so an e.p. is still a few months off. so we need to get some proper vocal recording done very soon.

a list of possible titles based on already made suggestions and a few others (no editing involved) ...

i saw this and thought of you
misformed haikku texts
we float around these days
boom blip blip
am i my brother's keeper?
(a collection of) 3 minute laptop solos

i, too, dream of living/working in a space like the cody hudson one. if you ever stumble across one and it has the means of supporting myself and a family financially, let me know!

i shall come over on thursday evening.

p.s. i did something i've been meaning to do for a while and set up a flickr account. this is a page i intend to update every couple of weeks or so which links back to the flickr page.

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