mesh counts

i've been e-mailing nick butcher (www.programmablepress.com) and he's been incredibly helpful with screenprinting info. i have learned that there are different mesh counts for silkscreen - kind of like resolution, i guess. the stuff he uses for superfine text etc is a 230count, much higher than the mesh i have. so we just need to get some finer mesh to do the fine detail stuff.

i've also got a quote from future classic for a deepchild remix. it's a fair bit from our perspective, but probably quite a good price for a remix. i just don't know if it's worth us risking the money on it. it could get a fair bit of publicity and airplay, but who knows? is it worth a large outlay for a name, or are we better off going for folk more at our level, which we can afford (because it's at a remix trade kind of level). i'd possibly have to say i would prefer that, especially if we organise trades, because that then pushes us working as well, rather than just buying credibility.

with what you've said, i think the lead track should be 'this is the new thing' with 'listening in for static' and 'requited love' getting remix treatments as well. it will involve us getting good vocals recorded for all in the near future, then we can start sending out for remixes.

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david said...

I'm not totally sure about the re-mix thing. Also specifically not sure rick is the right choice. I'm not overly into his stuff and I'm not really sure who it would get to... My mind isn't made up one way or the other, just have some doubts. There's something I really like about artists re-mixing each others stuff which is lost when you pay for it!

I wonder if it would be something we could consider with a second single a little bit further on after we've had a chance to gauge peoples reaction to the new stuff.