Today I blogged

Today was the first day I came home from work and could face another screen, I think it was because last week I was in outback NSW and wasn't in front of my computer at for, wait for it, 3 whole days - whoah! This thing even has a spell check, nice.

So Aje I'd like to hear some stuff we recorded - is there anything you can send me as an mp3 etc? What other stuff do we need to record? I always forget where we're up to. Can I view the rest of the blog while I write?

How was Sophia's birthday - I know I can ask that here but do you want to answer? Should I stick to things I know you'll want to answer.

David asked me today did I get the email about the gig dates, I may have got it too, but I don't pay too much attention to personal emails at work, it's all too hectic, I skim read then go back (hopefully and usually not ever) so they can sink in.

So we're playing 8 Sept in Parra any other city gigs? I have a friend from work who's keen to see us and after playing with Carlos I think I will let her, I felt that gig was a full package and I think we felt that which meant we we're able to be a whole package rather than playing like we're a half package.

How do I put pics in this?

Do you write as though only we will read your blog or do you write like anyone will read this? I think I'm writing as though anyone will read this. I think it changes my voice, perhaps that sounds wanky but you know, it is what it is.

I'll join your quest to be Sufjan, maybe I should be a Sufjanette.



i'm becoming an html genius ;)

i do believe that i have sorted out the issues with both the telafonica and 4-4-2 music websites. on going through them, i discovered that some had a 'base href' tag in them which referred to the things that explorer has been trying to find and obviously not succeeding to do. for some reason, firefox doesn't seem to be affected by the tag, as it seems to ignore it. i played around a bit, and found that removing the tag completely (it wasn't present on every page anyway, so i figured it would work) means that both sites now function perfectly in both firefox and explorer. i'm very proud of myself.


are you guys interested in going out on friday night? i've been reading lots about dubstep et al (including the article in this month's wire magazine) and listening to lots of it, but i'd really like to hear it on a proper system which, by all accounts, is the only way to really get its impact. and a bunch of the djs are people i know, so it should be reasonably friendly etc.

i've been planning future sounds (yeah, i know, the album will be done soon) and i think some of these rhythms could be what excites me in our own production for the near future. there's already elements of it in tracks like 'requited love' and 'item number'. but i'm thinking i'd like to try the rhythms and subsonics with something else completely over the top - i.e. telafonica. so anyway, i'm quite keen to hear it loud, which i haven't really done so far, except for a few bits when we went to the becks bar earlier in the year.



does anyone wish to join me on my quest to become sufjan?


nowhere man

i work so many hours that my life and identity have completely dissapeared. So has my blog posting. That said - i've always hated people apologising for not posting on blogs.

HDR should still be up on the noise site somewhere - but i might upload a QT to my own site. (which of course i've been meaning to remodel)I never forgave them for renaming my artwork themselves without asking me. This in principle is bad - but it is doubled by the fact that they called it 'traces in time' which is currently in the running for the anti-tate prize in the category of worst name for any artwork ever.

i'd love to play another show with carlos again - that was something i really enjoyed. I really liked it when cell helped out too! In terms of getting the album out there as a set - this seems like a great sounding post for how we feel about the songs. Let's do it.



carlos has said he'd love to come and paint when we play at just like now.

i've been thinking that i wouldn't mind playing the actual album through as a set. it goes for about 50 minutes. it won't actually be released at the time but would still be nice for people to hear all the tracks, most of which we haven't played in front of our regular audience, in one go.


hard disk residue

by the way, david - is the hard disk residue video up online anywhere? or the entire image that you made as a poster last year?

calling all troglodytes

o.k. so i've been trying to track down the issues with running the telafonica and 4-4-2 websites. this is all i can discover - using firefox, it recognises the root as my i.p address at netspace. however, explorer tries to use 'index.htm' as the root for the telafonica site, and the c: drive on my computer for the 4-4-2 site as the root. therefore, neither site works past the opening page in explorer (and the image doesn't even load on the telafonica site as it also needs to get to the correct root to find the image). my html skills aren't enough to help me detect the problem in the code, but that is basically what's happening - explorer is looking for the wrong root address. is it worth me going through and manually changing them to the full address on each link (yuk!) as a workaround?

marcella, we've got sophia's birthday on saturday morning - is there another time to get some vocals recorded? i haven't had a chance to play with what we did on the weekend yet.

just as a forewarning, i've booked us to play at just like now on september 8. it's alongside sound it out.

also, andreas has asked if we'd like to contribute to a netlabel compilation he's putting together on electrolyt. this is what he says about it -
"the compilation will be called "seek and destroy..." . there are no real guidelines when it comes to the style. electronic in some way i guess. and always keeping in mind: interruption, destruction...then i came to relax on the beach. :)".
i'm thinking maybe 'hearing but never understanding'. any other suggestions?