are you guys interested in going out on friday night? i've been reading lots about dubstep et al (including the article in this month's wire magazine) and listening to lots of it, but i'd really like to hear it on a proper system which, by all accounts, is the only way to really get its impact. and a bunch of the djs are people i know, so it should be reasonably friendly etc.

i've been planning future sounds (yeah, i know, the album will be done soon) and i think some of these rhythms could be what excites me in our own production for the near future. there's already elements of it in tracks like 'requited love' and 'item number'. but i'm thinking i'd like to try the rhythms and subsonics with something else completely over the top - i.e. telafonica. so anyway, i'm quite keen to hear it loud, which i haven't really done so far, except for a few bits when we went to the becks bar earlier in the year.

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