we do still breathe!

yay - another voice!

i haven't mixed anything that we recorded yet as i haven't added my own vocals to it. i've been busily recording and mixing eliza's e.p. (the one i played a song for you a while back) but that should be done by next week so i'll get back on task with telafonica recording then. i think for your voice we really just need to get a final version of gem worked out and recorded. did that file we put on your usb stick work? any progress on turning it into a song?

gig dates - we are definitely on for september 8 at mars hill cafe, where we will launch a remix e.p.. carlos will be painting with us there. then the following week, september 15, we have a 30 minute set at laptopjam which is in the uts building. i haven't talked to carlos about that one yet - do you think 30 minutes is enough for him to use? perhaps i should be asking him that! do you guys know others who would be interested in painting live as well - it would be good to change it up now and then. then there is another possible gig at feral media's powwow thing at the seymour centre in either november or december (i have the date at home but can't remember off the top of my head).

i try to write as if it's just a conversation between us, but the knowledge that others will read can never fully be erased - just pretend you're on reality t.v. and are too much of a bimbo to be self-conscious.

david, any advances on some artwork for the remix e.p.? i'm thinking the two strip, 8 panel system is the way i'd like to go. we have 4 weeks to get it together!

good to see that kindpermission is back up and functioning as an on-line entity - perhaps a prelude to real life? ;)

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