postmodern folk music

well, we have a whole bunch of new remixes to work with now. i set today as a deadline in order to give us time to get it all together for september 8. the quality has been pretty impressive. it's interesting that 'tape noise' was the most popular choice of track to remix, though everything on the list i posted got chosen by someone. i'll keep forwarding the download links as i receive them. so far there's marshall watson (which you've already heard), broken chip and all india radio doing 'tape noise', andreas has done 'this is the new thing' which he'll send over tonight, and TiefenKLANG has done 'laughing at trees' (title to be confirmed). i also have a cd at home from andy rantzen which i'll mp3 and send to you - it's a monster 9+ minute epic of growling rhythm experiments based on 'item number'.

artwork, anyone???

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david said...

well i'm lost in a world of snowboarding... but I do have a laptop. I'm in the process of downloading the mixes you sent. in all honesty dates dont mean that much to me right now... but everything you said sounds good. i would very much like to do some artwork... though nothing will happen before monday the 20th when i get home.