girl, cat and bear

i think this is possibly my favourite carlos barrios painting ever, and it was largely created on the stage of the cat and fiddle. not a bad gig all up. got us (well, david), back into enjoying gigs and also produced some good art.

i was just thinking about our gigs this year the other day. i think they've all been fairly enjoyable, and not a single one has been in front of what we could regard as our regular crowd. i've enjoyed that aspect of playing in front of people i don't know!

sent off a bunch of promos to 2ser, 3rrr and a couple to individuals around the planet. there's been a reasonable amount of airplay on fbi so far, though they didn't playlist anything, which i was a bit disappointed with - thought they might have liked something on there. but i'm very happy to keep plugging it around the place.

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