gigs to come

well, there's a few gigs lined up for the next couple of months, so we should get a move on with starting to try and put it together and rehearse. so far, there's the one on good friday and paddy macguires with underlapper and sui zhen. i've also booked us in for just like now at mars hill cafe on may 10 - i think it's going to be the last of the regular just like nows, so i thought telafonica could finish it since telafonica started it. we'll be playing with karoshi. there's also a possibility of a gig on april 5 at midi in the city at the loft bar at uts. we played there last year but it's a bit more of a laptop type of thing than a band kind of scene, and there's also the possibility of a clash with another gig with some friends from melbourne called koshowko, so that one's not confirmed yet. and lastly, we've just got another gig on thursday, may 29 at the excelsior hotel in surry hills. again, underlapper look like they'll be on the bill as well as someone else yet to be determined. if everyone could let me know which of these dates they are/aren't available for, that would be excellent.

lastly, are saturdays a good time for a rehearsal or would another time suit more?


Blake said...

Saturdays are so great.

Blake said...

but... what time are you thinking Adrian?