'dos' is currently out of print.
however, 4-4-2 music has released the e.p. as a free download via bandcamp (click to go there). you can download it as mp3, flac, ogg vorbis, aac etc. or stream the entire release here.

<a href="http://telafonica.bandcamp.com/album/dos">Everything Is Green (Except The Way I Feel) by telafonica</a>

released september, 2001

'dos' is the debut release from telafonica. it contains 13 tracks spread over 2 discs.

disc 1 contains mostly uptempo tracks with electro, breaks and bigbeat leanings.

1. everything is green except the way i feel://://:// the opening track has an electro feel with vocodered vocals. originally inspired by les rhythmes digitales' living by numbers mix of cornershop's sleep on the left side and later developed following a night dancing to a great electro set by gemma at club kooky when it was at the old club 77. the aim was to have a solid, driving bottom end with little bouncing synths floating across the stereo, seemingly separated from the rest of the sound. lyrically, the track derives its theme from imagining what it would be like if a grandmother had altzeimer's disease.

2. penut hiphop://://a track completely created using music 2000 on a playstation featuring a rubber band 303 bass line by david..

3. star (old city)://:/ features break samples from primal scream and the smashing pumpkins and a telafonica original bass sample. the track city was originally written using some of david's lyrics (about, um, the city) .it was felt that the sound and lyrical content wasn't really matching. the current vocal refrain at the end was inspired by the mercy bell's always.

4. 89//:://1989 was the year of the stone roses and the happy mondays. god's cop inspired the opening drum beat, fool's gold appears as a subtle sample at the end of the track. the 303 bass line was inspired by some track danced to at beat-fix when it was at the old sublime on pitt street

5. warm void// named by marcella, this song evolved quite quickly after the drum beat was copied from a wicked beat sound system track.

6. charly:.:.:big, dumb and (hopefully) infectious. blatant chemical brothers tricks with the greatest organ sample from the inspiral carpet's dragging me down.

disc 2 is more laid back with a mix of dub, ambience, mellow d&b and 60s pop

1. nocturnal/:: a guitar sample from rafael farina, a drum sample from led zeppelin and some vocals. that's about it.

2. lucas repeat:://: a day in the life of a morning person/night person couple. bjork's homogenic was receiving a lot of listening at the time this was written.

3. triptych:::..:3x1min40secs

4. brown and blue//duet for playstation and bass guitar.

5. through a glass darkly (v-hold remix)...::remixed by groovescooter . a dark, dubby drum and bass excursion with some speaker rattling sub bass.

6. sunlight://:imagine the byrds produced by air.

7. radio low://the oldest recording on the discs, this one is the last of the all playstation created tracks on the set and was originally recorded onto 4track cassette back in 1999. once described as 'the theme song from a late night space radio program'.

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