ink films

i've been thinking through ideas for our live performance, and have thought of what i'd like to try. having painters/artists on stage as we perform requires that we have a reasonable amount of light on stage in order for them to be able to work. just having light on stage, though, tends to remove any sort of atmosphere as it spills out and makes everything just, well, bright. last year we almost got to the stage of using dave's ink photos on screensaver mode, but my computer needed an adapter to run into a projector so we couldn't do it in the end. i quite like those images though, and that has had me thinking for some time. while lying in bed this morning (yay for long weekends) i had visions of what might be nice to try. there are some burodestruct images in a book i have of black ink in water. i've attached some images below which are the sort of thing (though not the ones in my book). i envisaged a continuous film which looks like it's one take, but is made of probably dozens of shots. each one is of a pure white, then ink drops in and slowly moves around. once it starts breaking up too much, the camera kind of moves off to a new blank space, which then has another ink drop come in. each time it would be filmed with the camera at a different angle so some would have the ink appear from top of screen, others the bottom, or the sides, and others from the middle (i.e. camera filming from bird's eye view). it needs to be pure white at all times with the ink being the only thing that isn't pure white.

my thinking is that, from a projector, the white screen will be contained within a box, so the focus will be kept to the stage. it also means that it will be predominantly white, so the artists can work easily. and there is still a sense of atmosphere created by the actual ink drops.

is this something everyone thinks might be good to try? and, if so, steve, can we get it shot and edited in time for may 5? (april 12 would be nice, but not essential).


david said...

i think stephen has done some stuff like this in the past... Or perhaps that is my imagination.

ajebec said...

when we put together the first lot of projection visuals, there were some ink things in there - though they were processed a fair bit by the time they got to that final form. so definitely not your imagination!

steve said...

yeah i'll go for it again - practice makes perfect. i like those images. b/w is nice.