whatcha listening to?

i think we should all get registered at lastfm and stick our weekly listening habits down the side of this blog. i know i'd be interested in seeing what everyone else is listening to. i put one for myself on our myspace page ages ago, but it would be good to get more diversity! anyone, anyone....


Blake said...

ill do it,
sounds like fun.
do i have to set it up myself?

ajebec said...

yep. go to lastfm.com and setup an account for yourself. then download the 'scrobbler' which attaches itself to itunes (you're a mac man, aren't you? otherwise you need to add it as a plugin in windows media player). then it scrobbles everything you listen to and keeps a record on your lastfm page.

mine is at lastfm.com/ajebec. once you've set it up let me know and we'll transfer the appropriate code across to the blog.

ajebec said...

sorry, make that: