ableton 7

telafonica is now the proud owner of a license for ableton version 7. unfortunately, the circumstances surrounding our purchase of it are not quite so great. we have a gig in one week's time. steve and i set up ready to rehearse this afternoon and, when i tried to turn on the laptop, it kept coming up with a screen saying 'can't find operating system'. no matter what we tried, it never got past that. just today, both steve and i received emails from ableton saying that version 7 le will be released soon and there was a bunch of offers with it. but steve received a version of 6 le with a soundcard he recently bought, and was given a code today for $50 off any ableton purchase. and when we looked it up, it was only $us300 to upgrade from 6 le to the full version of 7. so a 50/50 split seemed a reasonable price since we were both with the intention of getting it at some stage.

so, our rehearsal didn't actually happen. we spent the afternoon downloading both a mac and a pc version, installing them and then going about getting all the song data off the various discs around the house. not finished yet, but hopefully we can find everything. it's going to need a little bit of tweeking here and there as well. and one week out from a gig.