set list for friday

i thought i'd write down the setlist for friday so that it's recorded for when i need to make apra claims. you'll notice that i've changed the last track from '89' to 'your hands'. i thought, since we're doing a gig on good friday, it was a good song to finish with. it also felt a bit more in character with the rest of the set than '89' did. blake - i'll give you an mp3 but don't worry too much about it - there's some singing you can do if you want but it's not essential so there's no need to panic about learning anything.

one and one
for the manifesto of some world view
blending the edges
send away
this is the new thing
smells like rain
your hands


Blake said...

adrian. i already have an mp3.. it was free somewhere.. im listening now.. any tips for guitar work.?
and if i sing.. i'll do the lower parts? or the higher harmony?

ajebec said...

there's no guitar in the recording - if you want to make something up, that's fine - tasteful etc. for the singing, in the last bit where it repeats 'what about all history' etc - the first section is resung underneath - it's mixed fairly low - that would be what to sing.

also, that mp3 is possibly a radio edit which is shorter (all the singing is still in it but there's music bits inbetween which are longer in the full version), so i'll give you the full thing just in case.

Blake said...

ok. thats cool.. i'll see about the guitar..
and the vocals should be fine.