Pressed Into Oxygen

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released november, 2004

in late 2001 david fed his p.c. audio outputs into telafonica's ancient mixing desk, and got long time friend, stephen fox, to do the same with his p.c.. for about half an hour, adrian manned the desk with a cheap fostex effects processor as david and stephen fed random noises created and manipulated in a variety of different audio programs through the system. adrian then had to leave, but david and stephen continued, creating over two hours of improvised soundscapes, recorded through the desk onto hi-fi vhs video tape.

the initial two hour's worth of recording became the soundtrack to a graphic book david had created as part of his visual arts degree.

following this, adrian took the recordings, transferred them to his own hard drive, and began to edit them down to the 52 1/2 minutes which make up this album.

stephen has since gone on to become a more permanent collaborator with the group, focusing on their live visuals, and this album, which sat on the shelves for a number of years, was finally put into circulation in late 2004.

1.alive at the scanner
2.too much noise/lemon
3.deeper then darker
5.remembering the voices
6.the bottom line
7.rising after breakfast
8.chinese whisper torture
10.sinewaves eat the future
11.happier than static
12.asleep at the scanner
13.my own bed

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