i've updated the files on the archive.org page with all the current album tracks. i've been playing around with some different track listings, but i'll leave my thought on that until later so as not to colour perceptions. the upadated ones are this is the new thing (glitches removed), gem and requited love (both now with much more in tune vocals - a big thanks to autotune), and tape noise. tape noise itself isn't any different, but i've faded in the rain underneath the ending and it runs right across into the beginning of this is the new thing now, just to hear how that sounded.

the fine folk at sound & fury (whose sadly defunct shop was probably my all time favourite music shop and where we played an instore a couple of years back) have put out a call for demos for possible releases and for compilation appearances. their stuff is generally more on the outer limits and i've thought it might be nice to put some things together to send them. hopefully one day next week some of us can get together and do some improvisation. if there's anything sonically odd in the archives in london, send them across - even if it's just snippets of sound to play around with. i've already started some tentative bits involving piano and wind up music boxes. it would be good for telafonica to do new and different things - or perhaps it should be viewed more in terms of getting back to the odd tangents like our pushed into oxygen collaboration a number of years back.

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