a week off is a week to do

i've planned wednesday afternoon to go to ant's studio and do some mixing. hopefully we can finalise decidions by then? i'm going at 3pm - 6am london time ;).

we have another date for another gig. i'm excited about this one because it's in a new warehouse venue which is really the type of venue i'd most like to play. it's called dirty shirlows and it's in marrickville. we're playing on saturday, june 14. not 100% on the other acts yet, but we get to organise them, so they'll be good. there's a chance a guy from brisbane who may be coming down calle aheadphonehome could be playing with us, but that's no confirmed yet, and there will be others as well.

anyone up for recording/rehearsal friday? friday evening seems good for ellie and blake to rehearse. steve, do you want to do some recording in the afternoon then stay for a rehearsal?


Anonymous said...

That would be in Shirlow St? I know that street well - I even know a band called Shirlow who live on that street - just down the road from us!

Andy R

steve said...

yes, friday is great for recording/practice - what time? anytime's fine for me.