i concur.

i agree with you, Adrian and Marcella (Hi Marcella, I'm Blake).. and I find interesting your point Marcella, in regards to the possibility of splitting the 'almost' released album..
Is that a serious consideration/possibility?... splitting the songs in the album into two, three ep's,,,

in thinking about my own, individual music and the way it should be presented, i saw the idea of the 'ep' having one common theme, direction etc.. as being the most logical and effective. and also it would give the most respect to each individual song on it. Rather than just being heaped together with all other songs written and produced in a period, the purpose of a song in itself (and collectively with others), becomes more significant... not just another piece to fill up 3-5 minutes on a disc.
in saying this, however, i do not think that this is anywhere near impossible in producing albums (maybe just a easy habit to fall into)... there are several albums i can think of that keep a central mood and musical purpose. which i really like.

short releases are a lot more appealing to the passing audience members i agree-adrian. so i think that they are good idea to pursue in the near future.
we should think about that in regards to the moving along of a couple of songs at the moment... 'the separation', your funky bass song... 

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