dear mr wassell

Dear Mr Wassell.

Telafonica will no longer be requiring your services. We have found another guitarist who fit right in, played live with us without even a rehearsal and, most importantly, took a mere fraction of the time to set up that you yourself normally take.

We sincerely thank you for your past input.

Adrian Elmer
on behalf of the entire Telafonica team.


Blake said...

yeh ok.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Elmer

Dear Mr. Elmer,
As the newest member of Telafonica, i hereby post my disgust-filled opinions over the sacking of such well-bearded guitar/cornet/vocal/morocco/delay perdal player. I regret to announce your demotion from the band. Unfortunately, due to strict OHS policy, a new height limit will be introduced into the "Rules of Participation" manual. Please go quietly or you will get 'wacked' by OHS officials.
Thankyou for your services, that are not required any longer.

Silly Boy Bastard (S.B.B)

ajebec said...

wow, blake can play the moroccos! i can only do congos. i guess i'll just leave quietly then.