it's all handmade these days mostly

david, i figured this was for art groupie, which you are in by virtue of the fact that you're in telafonica, so it warranted a place here.
i kno w you're probably not much in the headspace to make business decisions, with reverse jetlag now upon you just as you were almost getting over the original jetlag but...a deadline is upon us!

i got the screen done today and printed up some prints. i've decided that i'm just not capable of working with any sort of precision on this scale without the industrial end of equipment necessary for making screens. so here it is. obviously there are serious issues in the print with lots of patchy areas. i've taken some close-ups of some of the patchier areas to give you a full indication. in terms of print quality, it is just about perfect - all the patchiness is in the screen. i do like it in its way, but think it would probably be more successful as a layer in something a bit more complex.

anyway - what do you want to do? i can do more of these no problem. or i can get some printed up digitally. or we can go with the two you gave me. but it needs to be decided today or tomorrow so i can get framing done.

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