at long last...!

...a way to embed individual songs directly onto the blog!!!!

i've set up an account at imeem.com. it's basically just another social networking site, but it gives you the ability to upload as much of your own music as you like plus, more importantly (because virb already allowed that) you can then embed playlists from imeem anywhere you want. so for demos as we work on them, we can load them in then embed them directly onto the blog, meaning all comments and stuff can be done right here, rather than flipping between virb and the blog or whatever. and it's free, unlike the wordpress option.

as a trial, i uploaded an mp3 of the track from the 20th compilation, which is 'but i lose myself'. it worked so i'm very happy.

and, on the subject of working technology out, last week i also worked out how to build my own drum kits in ableton live using samplesz. so i've rebuilt my old house and techno kits from back in the asr-10 days, and also a new kit featuring various bangs and clangs sampled from tom waits recordings.