20th (September 2008)

for more details on the 20th Project visit Cabinet Pin.
released september, 2008

The 20th project is one Telafonica came across a couple of months back and thought it would be great to take part. The premise is that on the 20th day of every month, musicians completely compose and record a brand new piece of music. There's to be no forethought leading up to the 20th, just a complete creative outburst on the day. These are then sent to the fine folk at Cabinet Pin, who put all the tracks on a CD-R, whack it in a handmade custom case, and send a copy to all participants. The only way to get a copy is to be on the compilation.

This was our first go at it, and luckily it fell on a Saturday, so we had time to get it all together. Rebecca and Adrian created the Telafonica track. We'd been listening to the Go! Team the night before, and it kind of tells. Blake can be heard elsewhere in his Lessons In Time guise.

Disc One
1. Abstract Transient - Coastal Stations
2. Telafonica - But I Lose Myself
3. The Desks - Flee!
4. Zigfried's Quest - Trouble
5. Rainboat - Redstone 1A
6. 44Hertz - Disco Mafia
7. Fisheads Of Fun - Independent Foundation
8. The Bottle Thieves - The Canberra Trilogy
9. RainBoat - Ares III
10. 44Hertz - Shamanic Rituals
11. Fisheads Of Fun - Second To None
12. Tony Eales - Tastee
13. RainBoat - Project Gemini
14. Kane Black - First Dust
15. The Desks - Fake Finale

Disc Two
1. Lessons In Time - In Regards To The Sorry Souls Of The Pretty Showmen
2. Fisheads Of Fun - Expect High Stay To A Few More
3. RainBoat - Saturn V
4. Commas & Dots - Drippiness
5. The Desks - I'm Listening
6. Wade - Eyry
7. Fisheads Of Fun - Financial Gloom
8. The Desks - Impersonating Monsters
9. Bagley - Domestic
10. RainBoat - Maercury-Atlas 6
11. 44Hertz - 360
12. Fisheads Of Fun - Live Stream
13. The Desks - We Float And Burst
14. Love's Children - Wait For The Sun To Rise
15. Tony Ealesz - Drifter



Anonymous said...

is it meant to be the whole track?

ajebec said...

it seems to be playing right through for me ok. but that may be because this was the source computer - is it not working properly elsewhere? it does cut out abruptly during the final autoharp bit, but that's the current mix of the track, and it's the full 4mins16secs.

Blake said...

was not the full thing for me either....