have we received the vinyls from new zealand yet?
whether we have or not by now... will we hopefully use the november 6 one for a launch?
i will be there for that one!!
(if i am still 'in'vited). :)

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ajebec said...

no vinyl yet. on the initial estimate of production time peter king gave me, they should('ve) arrive(d) late last week or sometime this week. i'll give him a ring later in the week if they're not here. but i'd say it's pretty much a definite that we can launch them on the 6th of november. and on the 6th of december, though that's probably not really a launch if one has already happened. there's also another gig on sunday, november 16 at the excelsior pencilled in. just waiting to hear confirmation of the other bands (we're not organising this one).