you sly fox

telafonica had an absolute ball last night at the sly fox. the guys from brackets were really lovely and looked after us well. after camilla and m.o.r. (love the horse head), the crowd was really ready to move and scream. they made us feel really welcome. we felt like we were playing in a stadium full of adoring fans instead of a little pub. they lapped up our two new songs - "but i lose myself" and "the separation" - with relish. very thrilling and humbling. it turned out to be a good thing that blake wasn't there because there was absolutely no room onstage. it was great to meet the wonderful door man who thought i was underage instead of twice the age. he was a real sweety. there were people there who were taking photos - if you were one of them, it would be great to get a copy - there are no performance photos of telafonica 2008.
our set list was as follows:
1. smells like rain
2. but i lose myself
3. the separation prepared this for another marriage
4. nothing ventured
5.this is the new thing
6. your hands
7. 89
many thanks to the sly fox, brackets and all the dancers, screamers and rhythmic nodders!


A. said...

Sounds pretty much like fun. I think I should come and listen again. December 6 for sure.

Eliza said...

Oh Annie, I would love to have you along in a place like that. With your presence I think we would have bumped up the cold-sober versus off-their-nuts-intoxicated ratio to about 1:100.

A. said...

Haha. Then you shall have to invite me next time.

I'm seeing you tonight :)