welcome from peat

i've just got off the phone from one of the organisers of the peat's ridge festival and we've been asked to play. the director of the festival, matt, came to the all india radio show and talked to us afterwards, and the music booker who i just spoke to (sorry, i've forgotten his name, but i'll update as soon as i remember it!) will be coming along to the show on the 6th.

so the festival runs from december 29 until january 1st. i don't know exactly when we'll be playing yet - they're getting the schedule together now and should let us know over the weekend. i'll let everyone know our playing time as soon as i find out.

needless to say, i'm pretty excited. there's a bunch of bands i really love who will be playing - pivot, papa vs pretty, the dolly rocker movement, celli's lil bro in cloud control, sui zhen, mark pritchard, cuthbert and the nightwalkers. hope some of you can make it up there with me!

you can have a look here.

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Blake said...

oh yes please!