Craven Canary - Rearview Mirror

this release is available for free download along with artwork. for more details and download info, visit the 4-4-2 Music website.
released october, 2008

Craven Canary normally floats around cyberspace finding music she likes, then records herself singing duets with what she downloads. This time, she decided to reverse the process - and so placed a recording of her lone voice singing a simple melody for others to download and make up the accompaniment. These are two of the results. The first is a glitched up scramble of the accapella, where Lessons In Time used only the sounds from Craven Canary's recording, then chopped and processed them into an abstract folk deconstruction. Telafonica dressed the voice in a dark, atmospheric, airless house groove for a collision of musical impulses.

1. Craven Canary - Rearview Mirror (Lessons In Time Version)
2. Craven Canary - Rearview Mirror (Telafonica Version)


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