A Request for Blake

Hi Blake!

I wrote some words ages ago for a song which I am calling "Cover" and I want to have a go at "making" the music myself. (Every time I ask AJE about making music for it he says, "For what?" like it's the first time I've asked.) Anyway, I was listening to Sufjan Stevens' A Sun Came! and I really like track 7 - Wordsworth's Ridge. It's kind of made up of all these little arpeggios on different instruments and they build and build until the singing starts. I was wondering if you could create a little guitary bit to play over and over and that could be added to on other instruments. Something sweet or melancholy but not saccharin. But pretty. Y'know, something very Blake. Here are the words, in case it helps:


The end of all things is near
Come here my friend, come over here
This love is deep enough to cover
All your slings and arrows

The blow comes swift
It takes my breath
But I'd do it again
I would do it again

The road goes back
Through winding ways
I would go there again
Yes I would

The view from here
Is a fiery red
And the thoughts that force themselves
Into my head
Are of lingering doubt
And a nagging dread
But I will go
I will go there with you

The end of all things is near...

Anyway, something to think about when you're sick of studying! : )


Blake said...

feel free to send me the song. the one about the boat scene in 'the prelude'.
i could only find a preview on 'the net'.

Blake said...

and... YES. Bec, i would love to try and do something for your wonderful words. we will talk in the future about this. :)