i don't have what it takes

for more details on the 20th Project visit Cabinet Pin.
released october, 2008

here's the official telafonica contribution to the october version of the 20th project. the main vocal is a little off-key here and there, but, hey, we only had a few hours to get the whole thing done from nothing at all to completion. actually, while we were working on it, i kind of felt like i could understand how the beatles worked during the early 60s - writing, recording and releasing two albums a year. you just make decisions quicker and go with the flow more.

the mandolin riff is ripped off a very old u2 b-side - boomerang ii (the vocal memory sort of follows it, too, though has more melodic and harmonic meanderings). the drum sounds are courtesy of my brand new tom waits sampled drum kit in ableton live. bec wrote the words.

bec wrote the lyrics, adrian did the music. on the same day, blake was working on a lessons in time contribution which also appears on the compilation.

i also got to do the artwork for the compilation, which involved reusing one of davids old screen designs for a just like now poster onto card, emossing '20' on the front, then folding and sewing the edges.

1. COMMAS - A Tribute
2. FISHEADS OF FUN - Det Blir Nog Bra I Alla Fall
4. LESSONS IN TIME - My Humble Address To The Peaceful Dinosaur
5. BAGLEY - River To Your Right
6. TELAFONICA - I Don't Have What It Takes
7. COMMUNITY MUSK - Seven Times
8. THE DESKS - Unlined, p1
9. 44HERTZ - Cherries

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