near foregone conclusions

here's something i worked on a couple of weeks ago. it's barely there at all, basically a bass line and a beat, though the aim is to keep it fairly minimal. i discovered (via the ever trusty wire magazine) a finnish phenomenon called skwee which i have found to be quite likeable, so that's kind of the starting point for the track. i've passed it on to eliza to see if she can perhaps produced something vocal to sit on it. there's obviously much more work to do, but it's a start.

as an amusing aside, i tried to load this into imeem yesterday and the first attempt didn't work. today, when i checked it out at imeem, it says that both versions worked and are available. however, when i tried to get to the second upload i did yesterday, the school's internet filter blocked it and gave me the following message:

>... has been denied for the following reason:
>Weighted phrase limit exceeded.
>Pornography (Japanese)

you will probably need to play the track backwards to hear any of the porn, though.

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Blake said...

this is so hot.