mars hill cafe


Eliza said...

Thought I'd post a note I left on Facebook about this gig. I had fun writing it.

* * * *


Okay, Facebookies: listen up.

A momentous event is gathering speed and growing larger on our calendarial horizon - it is therefore in your interests to keep the evening of Saturday December 6 completely free. This is because, if you have even the tiniest shred of sense in your dear noggins, you will mosey along to the accomodating MARS HILL CAFÉ in Parramatta at 7:30pm.

Why on earth? you ask. Well, at this delicious venue on this auspicious night, you will be treated to the frankly marvellous sounds of TELAFONICA, the band who blends automatic and manual with reckless temerity. Performing live will be four of the band's seven official members - breezily meticulous Adrian Elmer, deceptively droll Blake Wassell, delightfully candid Bec Elmer, and recovering perfectionist Eliza Magill.

As if this were not enough to catapult you out of those bottom-shaped grooves embossed on your living room couches, Telafonica’s soloist musical tangents will also be hijacking the floor, and your hearts. Blake Wassell’s LESSONS IN TIME will set the evening in motion, followed by Eliza Magill and her plummy band.

Enticing enough? Adding boon to serious benefit – your benefit, that is – admission to this musical mélange is free.

So, get out your permanent markers, claim December 6 for Telafonica in your diary, and remember to put the lids back on when you’ve finished.

For a more details, go to http://telafonica.blogspot.com/2008/10/mars-hill-cafe.html

Blake said...

eliza, producing a 'new post' is not that difficult.

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?