Nothing Ventured / An Invitation 7"

to purchase the 'NOTHING VENTURED / AN INVITATION' 7" single, the simplest way is to head to the release's Bandcamp page here and purchase from there (where you will also get immediate access to the tracks as digital downloads).
You can also visit the 4-4-2 music website.

<a href="http://telafonica.bandcamp.com/album/nothing-ventured-an-invitation">Nothing Ventured (7&quot; edit) by telafonica</a>
released december 1, 2008

Our first ever 7" single, featuring a very old song - Nothing Ventured - which has existed in some form since Bubblejuggler days, but which has never found the right structure to be successful. Midway through 2008, it was rethought and remade as a lo-fi half-time groove pop song, and at long last worked, becoming a live staple. The other side features a track that was originally a Lessons In Time track, but which Telafonica took and added to the live set, along with extra vocals and bells.

Byron Coley reviewed the single as follows in Wire magazine (July 2009):
"Lathe cut single by a Sydney based quartet (or trio) whose numbers have a tendency to float off to the UK. The A side is a nicely wound, abstract combination of strings and laptop, a bit in the style of some old Keith Fullerton Whitman performances. But there are soft arcs of moany vocals in spots that give it a very different feel from anything Hrvatski ever did. The flip has a twinkle-pop take on bedroom Kevin Ayers moves. Which is a surprise. And a good one."

The release is a lathe cut vinyl by Peter King in New Zealand, and the cover was hand screenprinted, folded and glued by Telafonica.

A. Nothing Ventured
B. An Invitation

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