Finders Keepers Market, May 15, 2009

Finders Keepers is a wonderful place to play (and to fill with enticing pieces of knick knackery).
Scott, the music coordinator, was very nice and so patient when Telafonica got lost aboard the Spacia on the way there. It was also a pleasure to be playing to a different kind of crowd.
Cherry Cooper was once again our faithful friend, roadie and photographer who, despite exhaustion, accompanied us and cheered us on. Mele-Katalina painted beautiful shades of pink and grey onto our skin (well, I painted myself accidently and quite suddenly found myself with two pitch black hands in the middle of the set). It was also fantastic to see Alex Jennings and Rebecca Shave - always so generous in helping us get our gear together and apart when they're around. The presence of Ant Banister of Lunar Module was a terrific surprise. Thanks so much lovely people!
Ellie's singing was perfect and Blake's guitar was at it's best. AJE and I did a bit of fumbling here and there but the response was good and we could see vendors and customers bobbing along to songs like Send Away and But I Lose Myself. That was very gratifying. We also brought out one of our new songs, "Cover", for the very first time.
There were a few suspicions confirmed last night.
1: Revamped train sheds are beautiful spaces to inhabit.
2: An adult-sized pink tutu and a top hat on stage makes for great entertainment even without music. (Am very jealous of Ellie now)
3: A surprise immersion in paint, although very entertaining, will eliminate all useful brain function from immersed band member.
4: It IS Chris Box's fault that the midi controller and the computer collapse in But I Lose Myself - in his absence there was no hitch! : )
5: The Ellie and Blake Show never fails to entertain.

The Set List was as follows:
An Invitation
Send Away
Nothing Ventured
Smells Like Rain
But I Lose Myself
The Quest for Love Aboard the Belafonte
Don't Speak for Me
The Separation

Photos by Cherry Cooper

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Blake said...

an enjoyable read, as always
thank you rebecca