Lunar Module - Get Low (Maxi Remix Single)

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released may, 2009

Lunar Module have been long time friends of Telafonica and when they asked if we'd be interested in doing a remix for their upcoming single, we jumped at the chance. Lunar Module work in synthpop mode, with a strong leaning towards early 80s stylings. The track they gave us was Get Low and duly sent us individual track files. Honing in on one section of the bass line, we re-recorded it with a dirty, lo-attack synth and then added some burbling 303s. Along with the dry as bones drums, that pretty much holds everything together under the pure pop melodies, until the original's main synth line is brought back in, heavily bitcrushed, towards the track's end.

The release features 8 tracks and over 40 minutes of music, including 3 versions of Lunar Module's best known track - Turn The Key - one of which is a wonderfully baggy remix by Bleepin' J Squawkins. A two minute sample of each track can be heard at the CDBaby website.


1. get low (album mix)
2. get low (extended mix)
3. get low (telafonica lo fi mix)
4. get low (electro mix)
5. get low (minimal mix)
6. turn the key (album mix)
7. turn the key (bleepin j squawkins madchester mix)
8. turn the key (original mix)

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