i want candy

So what day are we having a practice this week for Candy's? Or did we decide that already? I can't remember.

Anyway, whenever that is, I can show you the vaguely jazzy chord stuff I have for Time to Move the Nest. This is anticipatory, because I haven't come up with anything yet. But it'll come.

Also, sometime this week can I come over and record some Karoshi-related vocals in The Orange Studio?


ajebec said...

1. tuesday (on the proviso that it's good for blake then).
2. good.
3. beres forewarned me. anytime is fine.

Eliza said...

1. Okay then.
2. Okay then.
3. Okay then.

Blake said...

1. haha
2. haha
3. haha

Eliza said...

You took it too far, Blake.