lastfm group

i've set up a group on lastfm called 'telafonica members'. if we are all part of the group, then it will generate group charts for what we listen to each week, which i thought might be nice to either add to or more probably replace our individual charts which are currently listed down on the right hand column. in order to join the group, you'll need to log in to your lastfm account, go to the 'groups' section, run a search for 'telafonica members' then apply to join that group. then i'll approve it and it will all go ahead (we have to use the application process in order to make it a closed group). i've been thinking it might be nice to start up a completely open group for anyone wishing to be associated with us and having a chart of the listening habits of that entire group too. actually, i just might go and set that up now. i'll just call it 'telafonica', so go join that one too (though you won't need to apply as it will be completely open to anyone).

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