lost plots

the fine folk at for the sake of the song have asked if we could let them know what song we're going to do for the townes van zandt tribute album by thursday of next week. have you had a chance to listen to the suggestions, eliza?

blake, i understand tim has been talking to you about a new mixer he's getting, and you're thinking of doing likewise? the one he's getting would also be perfect to take out live as it's got the exact number of mic inputs we need (4) but is much smaller than our current one. so if you are thinking of getting a mixer, think hard about that one!

eliza - we have space for cherry tomorrow night.


Eliza said...

Excellent. She will be most pleased.

So what time are we leaving from your place Adrian? I can pick Blake up, and Cherry will be with me of course.

By the way, I know about ten people who are coming tomorrow and want to be on our $5 list - I'm sure there are more. So what's the deal - do we just make a list and give it to the door bitches?

ajebec said...

e-mail the names to me and i'll include them on the list - we need to give it to the fine door folk before everyone arrives. (i've never encountered any bitches there myself)

if we leave here at 7-ish, that would be good, i think. we can go later if you need, but we'll have to park in the car park and carry all our gear up and through the front door if we get there after 8.

for the mixer, blake, i know you'd like something to record with. from this end, for the live shows, it would basically just mean that we'd have a smaller mixer to cart around. that mixer would probably be the smallest we'd find that has everything we need for live shows. i'm not sure what the onboard fx are like, but if they were also good, it would mean not needing to set up the delay pedal as well.

i've pondered recently whether it's worth setting the mixing desk up for ourselves, or just leaving it to the f.o.h. operator. but after hearing other band's vocals at recent shows, i think it is worth the bother as we can get things to fit the music. stuff i've noticed from other bands have been too dry, and then they don't actually change during the set. i'm probably a little anal on this one, but i like being able to change the sounds on the voices from song to song.

as to it's use for lessons in time - it would totally depend on what you wanted to do - if you wanted to process things live etc.

Blake said...

uh huh... cool
so would you consider going halves in buying one?
(you obviously need not feel begged to comply)