photos, sets and practice

i've asked sam nagle if she would do some photos of us and she's very keen. she suggested coming along one night we're rehearsing to take photos and then she'll take them home and play around with them. she's doing some pretty great stuff with faces at the moment, so they should look excellent.

which also reminds me - we have a one hour set to play next friday. set list suggestions and a rehearsal time? my opening gambits will be that we do everything we did last night as a starting point. and we're free monday, tuesday (if it's after interviews like last week) and thursday if necessary, though would probably prefer not to do it then.


Blake said...

umm. i think i can do any of those nights
i would probably prefer tuesday... but is that tough on you adrian? you obviously would have had a really long day..

blending the edges, your hands, an invitation, send away... a few suggestions.

ajebec said...

i have about half the interviews i had last week, so it won't be too bad. they're just spread out so i won't finish 'til about 8:10 or something, but it's probably the best choice.

Blake said...

if its good for you, its good for me

do you think we could try another new song for this gig?
cover? nest song?

Eliza said...

I can do Tuesday night.

Yeah, let's do Cover! I'm dying to do Cover. Is Nest ready?

ajebec said...

cover is set up to do live on the laptop. bec and i were discussing it yesterday - we think bec and eliza should swap vocal roles - i.e. eliza do the lead, bec the harmonies.

to do it live, the way i have it set up at the moment involves a few layers and different people playing two different instruments - i.e. blake, can you play and loop the guitar riff, then leave that running so that you can come in with the cornet later on? i'm imagining eliza would piano, bec glockenspiel and i would possibly do the melodica and sequences. i've got it set up in loops rather than as a structured track, so it's length can be longer or shorter from performance to performance.

Blake said...

will there be a rhythm playing to keep me in time when i play the riff?
if so, then it should not be a drama...
maybe you could play it in? because you know it... and i don't. :)

ajebec said...

i was thinking of having the bass riff playing off the laptop first up, then playing the guitar in time to that. i'd probably prefer not to play the guitar as there's going to be a fair bit of work on the laptop to juggle all the little pieces. i've forgotten exactly what i played anyway - either of us would be starting from scratch.

on the subject of the setlist for friday - for the first 15 or 20 minutes of our set, our volume can't be as loud as at other times as there's also a couple of different theatre things happening around the venue (separate to the markets). the upside of that is that there will be lots of people coming out of those things as we play. carriageworks is saying that friday and saturday nights this week will have the most people at a single time there that they've ever had.

ajebec said...

so we should start with quiter things - an invitation? send away? nothing ventured? etc.

Blake said...

yeh thats cool
maybe we could the acoustic version of 'nothing ventured'? or something of the like?
maybe the acoustic version of 'this is the new thing'?
i think that 'cover' would also be a nice soft song to start off with. yeh?

ajebec said...

we don't have to be that quiet - and that would mean extra instruments. it will be the f.o.h. that is turned up and down - we just need to do songs that don't rely on volume for their impact, not necessarily soft songs.

cover, yes.