Mum @ The World Bar, 8.5.2009

(Thanks to Cherry for taking the photos)

I know I say it at the beginning of every review but it really is a matter of fact that Telafonica have fun wherever we go and Friday night was no exception. We had our treasure chest of instruments, had our Spacia, had our Chris Box and our Cherry Cooper and, as coined by Mr C. Box, we had another of our favourite episodes from "The Ellie and Blake Show".
We love the cosy cave atmosphere of Mum so we were quite excited to be back. The place was packed. Unfortunately, the majority of the crowd were 18 year old musically immune chicks-on-parade who confirmed my personal suspicions that feminism was a negligible solution to the plight of the female sex. I'd also like to tell the girl in the third toilet cubicle whose three friends were comforting her after being dumped by some guy that there is a deep joy to be found that would satisfy her need to be cherished. But not here. And definitely not by sculling spirits out of the spout of a tea pot which seemed to be an 18 year-old girl ritual around the place.
Although we weren't inspired by the other music creations that we heard and couldn't stay to hear the whole of Brand New Math (who were very lovely people) we did rather enjoy the DJ-ing which threw in some Beatles and Plastic Bertrand.
We had a ball playing our set and I really enjoyed the surreal experience of playing bass for the first time (well not the very first, but, you know, live). AJE was red hot on the floor tom at the opening of the set. Ellie's vocals, as always, were transcendent. Blake's guitar is always delightful and his singing was wonderful, even though his mike's position caused him to face the wall at the side of the stage (ultra cosy sized stage if your line-up is a bit quirky like ours).
All hail to the group of wonderful women who turned up with Tina Ceza - super funky dancer that she is. It was so wonderful to have a crowd of friends down the front row to make us feel loved and appreciated.
I must say that we were sad that Tim Engelbrecht didn't come at the last minute as there was no more room in the Spacia. I only wish that we had a bigger bus so that no Telafonicite would be left behind. So sorry Tim!
Have to say that it was really wonderful to meet the sound guy (so sorry we didn't find out your name - you know how it is - loud music, drunk teenagers - hard to hear), DJ Mick Jones and Julian from Meow Music, a super nice guy who mans the behind the scenes every Friday night.
Well, we packed up so late that nobody wanted to stop at our favourite midnight snack place, LaZiko's. I do believe we actually made some money this time!

In case you're curious, the set list was:
I Can't Make You Love Me
Smells Like Rain
But I Lose Myself
Quest for Love aboard the Belafonte
Nothing Ventured
The Separation Prepared this for another Marriage


Blake said...


Blake said...

great recount

Eliza said...

Ah, Bec. You are wonderful. Concise as usual. I would like to add that, when we do these shady gigs in strange places, I always value your moral centre. Is there a nicer way of saying 'moral centre'? It sounds starchy like that. But I mean that you don't quickly forget the most important things. I love you lots.