The Quest for Love Aboard the Belafonte

i am definitely very pleased with the song that our numerous ideas have contributed to
a couple of thoughts for polishing...
-vocals of bec, adrian and myself for the 'if love...' phrase (it does not have to be in every place that the phrase is sung...)
-perhaps the inclusion of some of my guitar parts in the instrumental/last chorus
-before the second chorus, there is a rather empty section... i reckon that there is space for a simple melody played on a glockenspiel perhaps... or even of our voices singing the basic melodic ideas of the chorus.
-and the recording of the typewrite-ing of course!


(i finished an essay today)


ajebec said...

i'd agree with most of that, except for maybe the part before the second chorus. it's quite busy rhythmically there, and it's also the turning point of the song, where it changes from fairly up and full to something starker. if you played some guitar in there, that would probably be enough - if you filled the space up with something extra - i'm not sure.

Blake said...

uh huh... definitely fair enough