20th september, 2009

The 20th Project is when artists write and record an entirely new piece of music in a single day (the 20th of the month) without any preparation beforehand or editing afterwards. For more information on the 20th Project, visit Cabinet Pin.
released september, 2009

Probably not the greatest ever track in the Telafonica canon, but hopefully there's something there to work with on a future date. The 20th in September fell on a Sunday, which theoretically means we'd have a lot of time, but we also happened to have a gig that day, playing Radio Social at the World Bar. So I spent the early afternoon making the basic rhythms and chord structures etc, borrowing heavily from a few different skwee sources. Then, after the gig, Eliza came back and improvised some synth lead stuff over the top, which was then edited into shape a little. No lyrics, just music.

1. Check Your Tricorder - Bag
2. I'll Make A Fuss Over You - Baron Von Winchester III
3. Magna - Merankorii
4. Solar Wind - WRC
5. I Wonder What They're Doing In Taree - Wellington Rd Blues Band
6. Same Old Song - Community Musk
7. You Left Sompin' - Vlayman
8. Cheeky Chops - 44Hertz
9. Zapf Dingbats - Telafonica
10. Unsung - The Desks
11. Breathe Deep - 44Hertz
12. The Bitches are Landing - +ko+ko+

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