october 20, 2009

The 20th Project is when artists write and record an entirely new piece of music in a single day (the 20th of the month) without any preparation beforehand or editing afterwards. For more information on the 20th Project, visit Cabinet Pin.
released october, 2009

We had a gig coming up in Newcastle, which I knew was just going to be Blake and myself playing at, and we had thought that we would do some looser, more abstract things than normal. This track was then purpose written for that aesthetic and came out just how I'd hoped it would. I'd been listening to the new F*** Buttons album quite a bit and was impressed with the way it mixed fairly traditional house music with noise, so that was the basic template. Some Underground Lovers also seeped in. A good bass riff always pushings things along quite a bit, and this one seems to work quite well. It's vaguely an update of a riff from an old Telafonica track, 'Brown And Blue', which was originally modelled on the Jah Wobble school of bass riffage. The rhythms are based on some samples of early 90s house, then everything, particularly the synths, are pushed through various distortion effects.

I struggled with the actual song bit and don't love what I ended up with enough to think it should stay. I did want to have a small catchy song embedded in a long piece of music and this one sufficed for the moment, but I'm thinking that it would be good for Eliza to write a new 'song' to take the place of mine within the music. I'll send you a copy of the track without any singing, Eliza.

The track went very well in the live show, and was probably the highlight of the set from the comments we got afterwards, so I'm looking forward to seeing where it could end up.

(full 20th cd tracklist to come)

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