Introducing Townes Van Zandt Via The Great Unknown

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Introducing Townes Van Zandt Via The Great Unknown
released October, 2009

Forthesakeofthesong is an English label who have signed Lessons In Time for an album release in early 2010. Early this year, they also asked him if he wanted to contribute to this compilation, which he said yes to. So Telafonica jumped on the bandwagon and asked if we could be involved as well. While a little surprised at our interest (we're not exactly folk music) the label was happy for us to be a part.

The idea of the compilation was for a bunch of relatively unknown artists (hence the title) to cover Townes Van Zandt songs. It turned out there were a few not so unknowns who contributed - Jad Fair, Great Lake Swimmers, J Tilman (of Fleet Foxes) etc - as well.

Telafonica did a version of 'St John The Gambler', a kind of 'don't go out dressed like that' moral tale dressed up as a dark almost murder ballad. We went for moody atmosphere but tried to steer clear of straight folkiness. So there's a bass line which was actually played on a cello (didn't have access to a double bass) and glockenspiel and voice for most of it, with some kick coming in at the climax. Most of the atmosphere, though, is created by layers of subtle processing on Eliza's voice. There's 4 different tracks of her voice singing by the end, all with different types of filters, delays, ring modulators etc on them to create whisps of swirling sounds.

"An important project and a fascinating album.” 8/10 (AMERICANA UK) (link)
"This album works on two different levels, as an introduction to the work of a great songwriter and as a sampler of some splendid modern performers."(BEARDED) (link)
“A vibrant portrait of contemporary folk…the proper tribute Earle's wasn't.” (EXCLAIM!) (link)

1. Lessons In Time (AU) - At My Window
2. Thomas Denver Jonsson (SWE) - To Live Is To Fly
3. Loophole & Ciaran Kirby (IRL) - Lungs
4. Great Lake Swimmers (CAN) - Our Mother The Mountain
5. Fort King & My Hawaii (US) - Loretta
6. Christina Kulukundis (UK/US) - If I Needed You
7. J. Tillman (US) - My Proud Mountains
8. Gustav Haggren (SWE) - Fare Thee Well, Miss Carousel
9. Kevin Tihista (US) - Still Looking For You
10. Kate Maki (CAN) - I'll Be Here In The Morning
11. Anders Parker (US) - No Place To Fall
12. Telafonica (AU) - St. John The Gambler
13. Nick Jones (US) - Don't Take It To Bad
14. The Wheel (US) - She Came And She Touched Me
15. Stephen Duffy & The Lilac Time (UK) - Pancho And Lefty
16. Pacific Ocean Fire (UK) - You Are Not Needed Now
17. Chris Mills (US) - Tecumseh Valley
18. The Be Good Tanyas (CAN) - Waiting Around To Die
19. Jad Fair (US) - Turnstyled, Junkpiled

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