a few nice things...

...to wrap up the year.

firstly, the quest for love aboard the belafonte has been popping up in a few nice places - firstly there's a mix over at polaroids of androids which features the song. it's actually quite a nice mix and we come in over the fade-out of animal collective (speaking of which - blake, have you finished with my merriwhether post pavillion cd yet?).

next, over on lee tran lam's local fidelity blog, jono (of boulet fame) has listed the track as his favourite australian song of 2009. coming from the man who wrote a community service announcement, i think that should be taken as one of the more highly prized compliments we have been paid. on that basis, it was included in the local fidelity best australian songs show last sunday night. peter hollo then followed that up by including time and distance, as well as lesson's in time's how very good this feeling is in his selection of best music of 2009 on utility fog.

the album has officially been longlisted for the australian music prize. i'm not sure how many albums make the longlist. at the very least, though, this means that a bunch of pretty impressive people have to sit down and listen to our album, including a few artists who would be considered to be a bit of an influence. there's also a few other people on there, mostly in radio, who already know us and have played us as well, so it won't be totally in from the cold for all the judges. the shortlist is announced mid february.

which is also how bernard zuel of the sydney morning herald came across the album, he being one of the key judges. we had to send 10 copies in initially, and he is one of the people that listened to that and voted it onto the long list. his review (as previously mentioned) will be in this saturday's sydney morning herald.


Blake said...

sounds like a good year!

Unknown said...

Whoah! This is awesome, nice work Aje and crew, yay! (PS it's Cell not Dave)