O Come All Ye Faithless

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released november 14, 2009
The extended Telafonica family releases its second annual Christmas EP. Featuring the band and its various members' offshoot and side projects, Christmas cheer is attacked from all angles.

Proceedings start with The Bells singing along to a brass band, the lyrics of the classic carol given a more theologically correct twist. Next up Eliza Magill goes for the acapella route in the grand tradition of carolling, only hers is breathtakingly spectacular instead of painfully monochrome. Blake Wassell's Lessons In Time then chimes in with a brand new composition, a stark ballad from the point of view of the shephards. StephenFox breaks his self-imposed silence and telafones in his rendition of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen - the recording made with a set of headphones as the microphone. Telafonica itself then rounds out the collection with a version of the Australian Christmas classic The North Wind. Anyone who has been to primary school in Australia in the last 50 years will no doubt remember learning this song from the ABC songbook which celebrates the fact that here we celebrate Christmas as it should be celebrated - protecting yourself from sunburn and bushfire while watching the heat dry up the grass before your eyes.

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1. The Bells - O Come All Ye Faithless
2. Eliza Magill - Ding Dong Merrily On High
4. Lessons In Time - Lying Beneath Strong Clouds
5. StephenFox - God Rest Ye Mery Gentlemen
6. Telafonica - Christmas Day (The North Wind)


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