The Exoneration of Cherry

I have at long last found the blasted Animal Collective CD that Adrian lent to Blake, who lent to me, who thought she lent to Cherry but obviously did not. Unless Cherry snuck over here last night and framed me! It was behind a big canvas artwork of The Lady of Shalott, and I have no idea how it got there. I only put that canvas where it is now, a few weeks ago, and it certainly wasn't there then. So the mystery is somewhat solved. Cherry is innocent, I am guilty, Adrian's underlying suspicions were correct, yada yada yada. I'll bring it over sometime.


Ballad of the Drowning Landlord

She is the heart
and she stands with her hand
over the mouth of truth

He is the head
and he's handing out lies
and half-truths constantly

I am the landlord
and my problem is this
I believe every word that they say

They told me there was a fleet of arks
Coming to save my soul
The water is rising up past the windows
And the waves beginning to roll, roll over me


box-stomper wanted!

telafonica is putting out a call for someone(s) who is willing to tag along to gigs, add something (undefined, open to suggestion) to the stage presence, and most importantly, stomp on the distortion and delay and tremolo in between the verse and intro sections in 'i can hear there's a peace in the dark'. blake is quickly learning it is tough and he admits his need for a committed, seasoned campaigner at his side (or his feet).

bec thought she might be fit for the role but blake quickly shirked from the idea when bec started substituting the main role for washing his feet with water, expensive perfumes and oils. obviously this would make it harder for her to make the section breaks in the fast-moving song.


I Don't Buy Records In Your Shop Now I Tape Them All

This release is a free download mixtape available from the ever wonderful Discontent blog and can be found over here or via the download button below.

“In December of 2008, the Australian based members of Telafonica decided to specifically focus on the creation of a new album. They already had a handful of tracks in various stages of development that they had been playing in their live shows but were looking to see how to draw all these together, as well as create some new songs. One of the tactics used to give focus was the creation of half hour inspiration ‘mixtapes’ on CD to be shared around. In the end, only Blake and Adrian ended up compiling whole mixtapes, though Rebecca and Eliza contributed other tracks themselves as inspiration for specific Telafonica songs.

“The album was created and released in November of 2009 as ‘Love On The Second Stair’. This mixtape, developed especially for the Discontent blog, combines some of the tracks that were on the initial inspiration discs, along with other inspirations that came to the fore in the process of making the album, as well as some tracks from which samples were directly taken and used within the music that formed the finished album.

“There is obviously a wide range of things to be heard, from the most mainstream of mainstream to obscure side channels in the history of music. These reflect Telafonica’s bower bird approach to music construction, begging, borrowing and stealing from any and everywhere in order to compile their own postmodern, post-retro pop.

“In this mix, where a track appears in full, it has been either already made available by the original artists on the internet for free, or specific permission has been gained from the original artists to include their work. Obviously, a number of the tracks have not been made available for free and permission would be difficult (and costly) to secure. In those cases, the tracks have been used in a traditional sampling sense, with only very brief snippets occurring, and are generally processed in some manner.” Telafonica

DOWNLOAD: I Don’t Buy Records In Your Shop Now I Tape Them All | A Mixtape By Telafonica (69.7MB)

(nomo – all the stars)
(adam and the ants – kick)
(parts & labor – satellites)
(the martini bros – dance like it is o.k. (dj koze & the tease remix))
(the flying lizards – money (that’s what i want))
1. beem – RER
(the beatles – sgt pepper’s lonely hearts club band reprise)
2. balun – a surprise
3. whitewash – feather
(sigur ros – festival)
4. slareffenklang – you win
(bow wow wow – c30, c60, c90, go!)
(the jam – that’s entertainment)
5. ghoul – swimming pool
6. sufjan stevens – sister winter
7. hamilton yarns – newhaven to dieppe
8. go! team – junior kickstart
(the smashing pumpkins – tonight, tonight)
9. parades – exodus (telafonica treble remix)
10. underlapper – choking ibis

IMAGE: Cover Design by Telafonica




i guess it's probably a good idea to mention on our website that cherry has officially joined telafonica. not sure exactly what she'll do yet, but something will present itself, no doubt. we figured that since she follows us around everywhere anyway, we might as well put her to good use. and besides, she likes to dress up. and having a band where the females outnumber the males will be a somewhat unusual and nice happenstance in the rock and roll world we live in.


a new label etc

hopefully, i can get the belafonte video clip finished these holidays and then we can get it out then get out the free download single for i can;t make you love me. i've been thinking it best to hold that back until we get the video together just so things don't jump all over the place too much.

i've also been talking to marcus whale, who you may have noticed popping up commenting on the website a little over the last few weeks. he runs a 3" cd-r label called curt. you may have remembered the very electronic things i started in january when i didn't have my laptop and bec just got hers, but we didn't have an external soundcard so couldn't record acoustic noises, so i made electronic stuff for a few weeks. well, marcus has said he'd like to release it on curt, which i think would be a good way to get exposure to some slightly different people. so we're aiming for either late june or sometime in august. i've sent the files to marcella, who was keen to abstract some singing on some of them, but would also be keen to get more input in terms of our other usual esoteric array of instruments, so have a listen and see what it inspires.




music i played on 2rrr

the night before our last gig i went in to 2rrr radio to talk and play some music on mel's radio show - radio active. i don't think it was recorded, but i thought i'd make a quick file of the actual music i played. we talked between tracks on air, discussing telafonica, clan analogue, 4-4-2 music etc, so the songs are kind of picked around those general ideas. there's only a bit over 20 minutes of music (i was there for just over half an hour) so it's not lots, but i quite like the mix of stuff, so here it is...

if you really want to, you can across to http://www.archive.org/details/telafonica-on-2rrrfm and download it.