Ballad of the Drowning Landlord

She is the heart
and she stands with her hand
over the mouth of truth

He is the head
and he's handing out lies
and half-truths constantly

I am the landlord
and my problem is this
I believe every word that they say

They told me there was a fleet of arks
Coming to save my soul
The water is rising up past the windows
And the waves beginning to roll, roll over me


Bec said...

Note: Adrian sings "were" a fleet of arks which - out of the heat of composition I realise is a terrible grammatical error so I have written it correctly in the lyrics as "was" for the future re-recording stage. Sorry AJE.

A. said...

I like that if this weren't a normal situation for intuitively using the wrong inflection, it would be fine! Sounds like the sort of grammary you'd find in folk/dialectal lyrics.

They're good ones, too, and I like.

Bec said...

Thanks Annelise!