myrrh is mine

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Released December 8, 2010

The third annual installment of the extended Telafonica family Christmas compilation gets bigger this year, with Telafonica adding a new member (Cherry), Marcella phoning in a contribution from London, and an all new contributor who's not even in Telafonica, but is our good friend - Matt Wakeling of St Jambience fame. So, for the first time, it's officially become a '4-4-2 Music Compilation' instead of a Telafonica compilation. which just makes it even better.

Imojjen Elmer makes her first ever appearance as a music writer, with a little thing she whipped up in music lessons at school during the year. Lessons In Time plays the first of two very different readings of Silent Night, with StephenFox playing the other. LIT features backing vocals from Blake's mum and Jack Saltmiras from The Middle East. Marcella makes it two new Telafonica tracks for the year with her haunting 'Little Heart'. Eliza turns out one of the most ancient and beautiful of all carols, 'Oh Come, Oh Come, Emmanuel' and almost everyone in Telafonica contributes to 'We Three Kings' (last minute schedule clashes ruling out some backing vocalists). Goldberry, otherwise known as Cherry, surprises everyone with her engineering skills and the melancholic beauty of 'I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day'. Lastly, Bec joins up with Imojjen and Æowyn for a partial rendition of U2's 'Yahweh', rounding out the best of the three Christmas compilations so far.


A. said...

Truly love. I'd like a copy?

ajebec said...

we have some left over. are you coming on the 5th of jan?

A. said...

I hope to... :)