what do people think of this concept? http://www.indiegogo.com/. the basic idea is that you register and tell people about your thing and they pledge the money. but what might work, which lots of the projects do, is that rather than people just giving money, you can actually set it up so that they receive a product for their money. so it would work like a presale idea. so, for example, you can ask people to give $10 each and, once the project is complete, they receive a copy of the cd you're making, or whatever it is. i was thinking it might be a good way to get some funds for the dvd/album thing that sam and josiah are working on, in case the ozco grant doesn't get granted to us. or, even if it does, it could be a way to increase the funds available.

any thoughts?

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A. said...

It's sort of like having a live audience for a recorded project, because they're invested in the creative process even before it happens! Could work as a bit of a collective muse for interestingness :)